Thursday, June 14, 2007

Parametric Parts for AMEP

I was just looking at the AUGI wish list for AutoCAD MEP and noticed a real theme that I really agree with. There aren't enough parts and they are the wrong size. Somebody named rb.72855 hit it on the head when they said "What I don't understand is why all of the parts aren't parametric. Registers and grilles and louvers are the ones I see the most need for. Auto desk is all the time telling us how easy it is to create parametric parts. If it is so easy why aren't all of there parts parametric?"

I have to agree. But to help everyone out in the mean time, my next two posts will be on creating parametric parts. One using the super easy Parametric Parts wizard in AMEP 2008 and two using the incredibly un-intuitive parametric part builder. A diffuser is a great part to have parametric, I also need a parametric transformer electrically. If you have a part you would like me to demo, post a comment to this article and I will post that. I will also share the finished product on the AUGI ACA/AMEP Exchange so we can all share in the love.

So get busy with the suggestions, or we'll be looking at something you might not need.
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