Friday, October 12, 2007

AutoCAD MEP Clash Reports

Revit products have had the ability to report all interferences in a schedule since they came out, which has made them fundamentally better than looking all over the place to red lines hidden in a busy drawing in ABS/AutoCAD MEP. Well, here's a gem of an undocumented command for AutoCAD MEP. Type "clashreport" on your command line and check this out.

Choose the types of interferences you are looking for by checking the appropriate boxes and click OK. AutoCAD MEP will prompt you for the location of the report in your drawing. When it is added, it will also add numbered triangle to your drawing indicated where the interferences are that correspond to the numbers in the report. Now that's awesome!


Anonymous said...

Revit MEP Does Not Work...Yet
I implore you all. Do not waste your time, money and company resources on a program that can not even create a line for a simple site plan. For what most of us use to diagram a set of drawings, is it really worth more to do lighting calculations. this way, but it it does not even do point to point so that is not that great either.

This program is like buy a Ferrari with no tires and no engine. Looks fast and like it should be a great preformer, but ultimately it is just a car on blocks. It promises improvement in speed, but you still have to finish the fundamental processes in AutoCAD. It take me twice as long to do a simple 10,000 sqft building in Revit than it does to do it in AutoCAD, Excel, Visual and Word. Revit was supposed to eliminate all that.

Don't Waste your money, the program is not ready. I have no doubt that it will be some day. Architecturally it works great. But don't sucome to the pressure of an architect to use it for Electrical, Mechanical, and/or Plumbing. It is not ready and the Autodesk support is just not there to help either.

Anonymous said...

when you say not ready, are you referring to the use of this for all portions or just one area in particular that you are trying to use this for?