Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus... Check out my poll

It's the end of 2008, so my poll on what software you are using is closed. Here are the final results.

Now let's turn our attention to something everyone seems to be talking about, yet I honestly don't see any in action. If you are using BIM, let us know. Just to Clarify, BIM is not Revit. BIM is a process by which Building information is modeled and shared. Easily done with AutoCAD MEP (ABS and ADT) and other software. I like to keep the polls open for a while, but I also like to see some numbers up there, so vote early and often.

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Barrett said...

Just to clarify.. you're saying "BIM is not Revit", but Revit is BIM? I am just getting into all this and wondering exactly what you meant. Thanks

Todd M. Shackelford said...

Thanks for the comment Barret.

To be clear, BIM is a process that you will need a program like Revit to complete. The same way tightening bolts is a process that you might need a wrench to complete. Revit is a tool used in the BIM process.