Thursday, May 01, 2008

Revit MEP Tricks and Tips Part #1

Sometimes it's the little things which make all the difference. I thought I would share some nifty tricks that can help make Revit MEP go down a little easier.

  1. Use the space bar to inherit duct and pipe sizes from objects you have connected to instead of uses the last used size. Hit the space bar again to cycle back to the last used size.
  2. Tap the space bar to rotate Light fixtures 90 degrees before you insert them. Hold your cursor over an angle wall and tap the space bar to have you light fixture or diffuser align to that wall or go perpendicular to it..
  3. Tabbing while hovering over a duct or pipe will highlight portions or the entire run (system).
  4. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to nudge selected objects left, right, up and down small distances.
  5. Type CM to add every single available object type to the type selector. I use this when I can not remember the family type. CM loads them all.

More to come. Feel free to share your tips by comment.

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Very cool info!
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