Thursday, January 22, 2009

Selecting the Un-selectable

Yesterday I had a viewport that I could not select in AutoCAD MEP. It just couldn't be picked even with a crossing window. I really didn't know if it was a viewport.

To get at it I issued the moved command and typed "all" at the command line effectively selecting every object in the drawing. Then holding down the shift key I unselected everything with a giant crossing window, leaving the un-selectable object still in the selection set. I picked 0,0 for the base point and the point of displacement. Then I was able to pick the view port by typing "select" and then "L" for last.

The viewport was on defpoints if you were wondering.

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Tannar Framtpon said...

This happens when the 0 Layer is Frozen. Definition Points layer (aka Defpoints) is related to the 0 Layer somehow, so anything that resides on the Defpoints layer that cannot be selected, check to make sure your 0 Layer is thawed/on.

A common issue in AutoCAD. :-)

- Tannar