Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can't Open Local - Revit Circular Ownership Issues

So there's a new architectural model and suddenly when you go to open your local you get a message that you can't because somebody else owns elements and they must first relinquish them them save to central and you have to reload latest blah, blah, blah. That person can't open the file either with the same warnings but someone else owns part of the model.

This seems to occur when someone forgets relinquish all their elements and then architectural model is updated. The best medicine is to always relinquish before exiting a Revit project.

To break the loop, first get everyone else out of the project. People concerned about loosing work should open their local files (detaching from central) and saving them with a different name. Any lost work can be copied from this file and pasted back into the updated file.

Next open the central file directly (detaching from central). Once open, save as the original file overwriting it. 

Relinquish all mine and save to central (this might seem weird because you are in the central file.... try not to think about it). 

Close the new central file.

Everyone working on the project, now needs to copy down a new local file.

When you open the detached central file you own everything, effectively kicking out everybody else who might have owned a bit of it. As long as you relinquish before you get out, the file is now clean. Bingo your are back in business.

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