Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Revit Project Browser - Cant Expand Views or Sheets

Every once in a while, I will be working along and notice that the + and - signs in the project browser are missing. They just disappear. I have to close Revit and re-open it to get them to return.

To work around this when I just don't have time to restart Revit, I use a Windows accelerator key combination. Select a view with collapsed dependant views under it. Hold down the Alt key and press the * (asterisk) on your num pad. This will expand every view below it. Alternatively you can hold down the Alt key and press the - (minus) key on the num pad collapse all the views under it. Only the * and - on the num pad work.

It's a Windows thing, so give it a shot in Windows Explorer on anywhere files are listed.
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