Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vote for Autodesk University Classes

                 Autodesk University Class Voting 

The BIM Board of Omaha's very own Tammy Rico, Cauitta Robeson, and Carla Edwards have all submitted to teach classes at AU this year.  Please take a moment to support the ladies of BIMbo. Just search out Tammy and Cauitta's names to vote for their classes.

Tammy's Class

Subing out the Model How Subcontractors are forging a new functionality with BIM

A debate is raging as to who should have access to the Model and where contractors and subcontractors can add value to the BIM process. While these discussions will continue, it should not be shocking that subcontractors are already using BIM tools to their advantage, and to the benefit of the overall project. We will discuss how it is using Revit MEP in its daily operations to deliver faster production and better quality than were possible prior to these systems adoption. Digital model development and real world   implementation will be presented with specific examples from projects large and small. The presenters will also demonstrate on-going value to the project General Contractor, Architect/Engineers, and Owners through coordination and as-built modeling. This course will benefit design and construction professionals involved in all phases of the project life cycle.

Carla and Cauitta's Class

IPD & BIM  - Keys to Success

Are you wondering how to incorporate the best in class practices of IPD with evolving BIM technologies? In this session, Kiewit Construction and RDG Planning & Design, both leaders in the AEC industry due to their development of BIM and Revit, will be speaking on lessons they've learned in using IPD practices with their firms. Learn firsthand from an industry leader some of the best practices in this innovative process. Topics will include: communicating and collaborating on an IPD project, how to develop a cooperative working environment, modeling best practices, and how BIM is integral to making IPD successful.


Tim Fredriksson said...

I vote for "Key to Success".


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