Monday, March 26, 2012

Duct Width and Height

What is Width? Well it depends.

In the image below a piece of rectangular duct is selected in Plan view. The Width is listed as 30".
In the image below the same piece of rectangular duct is selected in Section view. The Width is listed as 12".
Revit seems to list the dimension for the visible side of the duct in the view first. If it is listed as the Width or the Height of the duct depends on your point of view... literally.


Steve said...

That apparently is "normal". I've had many engineers worry that Revit didn't do this. So in this case Revit is attempting to be consistent with the engineers that prefer this.

Erik said...

You do know that this anomaly is caused entirely by the fact that you have a black background?

Todd M Shackelford said...


That's wierd. Now I have to try with white.

Cool said...

hey can you tell me how to calculate the rectangular/square/circular duct sizes
Height and width manually basing on site conditions like if i know the machine cfm and velocity of the same machine and also the distance of duct running place.

say for example:
if the length of duct should be:45ft say.
If the cfm of machine is:3000cfm say.
Duct style:Rectangular duct.

can you tell me what should be size of duct(height and width)initial and till the end.


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