Friday, May 17, 2013

Revit Speed

No matter how fast our machines get, I have yet to have someone say "Revit is too fast"! It seems the opposite is always true. Well if you are looking for a lot of little ways to speed up Revit, here is a list of things to try. Some will help you and some might hurt. So one size doesn't fit all, but if you are looking for ideas.... here's some.

  1. Work in wireframe not hidden modes. You can use a very selective view template to set all your views back to hidden before plotting.
  2. Only open the worksets you need on open.
  3. Reload latest before you sync.
  4. Purge the crap out of all your linked Revit files.
  5. Compact your Revit files once a week.
  6. If you have a lot of people accessing the model at the same time, use scheduled times for syncing to prevent database collisions.
  7. The slowest machine accessing the central brings the whole lot down.
  8. Keep open views to a minimum. Just click close hidden every 5 minutes or so.
  9. Don't make or use over the top families that are over-modeled.
  10. Have only a generic drafting view open during saves and syncs.
  11. Check and clear warnings.
  12. Keep complex sketch-based items to a minimum.
  13. Break your model into smaller models and link.
  14. Restart Revit every 4 hours. 
  15. Work in dependent views instead of the overall view.
  16. Detach from central before printing.
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