Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Revit in a Browser

Things have been shaking up quite a bit over at Autodesk. It is very exciting to live in a time when so much is going on, yet it can also be overwhelming. 

Just as we got over the idea of Renting Autodesk products, they slipped in this new product called Remote.
Remote allows subscription customers and rental customers the ability to remote into their PCs from offsite locations and access thier Autodesk software back in the office. You know what that means? Yea, we never have to stop working now! Good times, yes good times.

Anyway, yesterday I am informed that Autodesk is kicking it up a notch again.

In conjunction with Amazon Web Services and OTOY, we can now run Inventor, Revit, Maya, and 3ds Max, from a web browser. To be clear this means the computing power comes from the web and you run Revit through a browser via Autodesk Remote. I have not tested this yet, but the promise seems to be, no more slow PC. Maybe just a slow connection. With near limitless cloud power users can access their software anywhere, anytime they can access the web.

This is crazy significant. It's like seeing the first music CDs knowing that your album collection will become a museum piece. 

Make no mistake things are fundamentally changing here, not just the delivery method. It's a pretty good bet that prices structures, plans, and subscriptions will have to adjust for things like "pay as you go" Revit or AutoCAD. I am thinking it will be more like cell phone billing than anything. If you require cloud processing you can pay separate like some people pay for unlimited data.

Honestly, the ability to access what ever software you need from the web, just puts another nail in the coffin of the traditional PC. If I can do it all from a tablet..... I probably will.
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