Thursday, January 15, 2015

What Revit Build Number am I on?

Revit is in a constant state of updating. Each update has a build number and it is best practice to keep all of your Revits on the same build. With Autodesk pumping out a build almost every month knowing where your users stand is getting more important. So, how do you know what build a particular computer is on? Look for the question mark in a circle in the upper right-hand corner of your Revit window, click it and select "About Autodesk Revit 2015".

Look in the upper right-hand corner of the dialog that pops up. There is your build number and the equivalent update status.

Older versions of Revit will not provide the update or release translation, just the build number. To figure that out, use the secret decoder below.

First Customer Ship                         Build: 20140223_1515
Update Release 1                            Build: 20140322_1515
Update Release 2                            Build: 20140323_1530
Update Release 3                            Build: 20140606_1530
Update Release 4                            Build: 20140903_1530
Release 2                                      Build: 20140905_0730 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 5                            Build: 20141119_1515
Release 2 Update Release 5              Build: 20141119_0715 (Subscription only release)
Update Release 6                            Build: 20150127_0715
Update Release 7                            Build: 20150303_0715
First Customer Ship                         Build: 201310308_1515
Update Release 1                            Build: 20130709_2115
Update Release 2                            Build: 20131024_2115
Update Release 3                            Build:20140709_2115
First Customer Ship                         Build: 20120221_2030
Update Release 1                            Build: 20120716_1115
Update Release 2                            Build: 20121003_2115
Update Release 3                            Build: 20130531_2115
Revit LT has different build numbers with this release:
First Customer Ship                         Build: 20120821_1330
Update Release 1                            Build: 20130531_0300
First Customer Ship                         Build: 20110309_2315
Update Release 1                            Build: 20110622_0930

Update Release 2                            Build: 20110916_2132

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