Monday, May 15, 2006

New Carrier HVAC software imports gbXML

ABS has had the ability to hold and modify engineering data in space objects since 2005. The ABS interface greatly improves your ability to design, zone and control spaces in a building as opposed to manually typing this information into your HVAC calulation software. The magic takes the form of a gbXML file that holds the design data. It can be exported from ABS (and Revit Systems) and imported into some HVAC software.

That software supporting a gbXML import has been;
Trane Trace 700 and VariTrane Duct Designer software
Elite DuctSize software
Green Building Studio

Now, Carrier has just released HAP 4.3. It now supports gbXML import. Follow this link for the details.

No doubt this will be good news for Carrier users that were contemplating a switch to ABS.

As an added bonus, ABS and ADT now share a common space object, meaning doors and windows come directly over from the architect and engineering design data can be added once in ABS without the loss of architectural openings. More to follow on that subject.

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