Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spacebar Short Cuts in Revit MEP

Sometimes you just stumble on things. One of the designers in my office told me if you type the letter C and hit the spacebar Revit will go into the copy command, just like in Autocad.

I thought she was lying, but it worked. I tried other letters and here is what I found.

A - Array

C - Copy

D - Door

E - Edit Requests

F - Flex Duct

G - Create Group

O - Offset

P - Pin

R - Reload Latest

S - Shade

T - Thick/Thin Lines

V - View Properties

W - Wall

Z - Zoom Window

These are based off the text file "KeyboardShortcuts.txt" found in the Program folder under Program Files. Because I don't use some of these at all, and I wanted to know if I could change them, I dug a little deeper.

In the example above I edited KeyboardShortcuts.txt and changed the shortcut for delete to just E. Because the first short cut (alpha-numerically) is the default that spacebar will fire, E will now delete selected elements when I hit spacebar. Save this text file and restart Revit to load the changes.

Now go crazy. I bet there are a lot of old AutoCAD commands that will make sense in Revit. It helps when you switch between the programs, and it makes some people more comfortable and fast.

It's a good thing.

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