Sunday, December 25, 2011

Overriding Dimensions in Revit

Say you are putting together a detail that has a dimension in it but for it to look appropriate, things really won't be to scale. What I am getting at, is that you want to put down a dimension that is wrong. Revit won't allow you to override it using the feet and inches symbols from your keyboard. Instead you get this judgmental dialog.

Go back to Dimension Text dialog by clicking on the dimension twice and select the "Replace With Text" option. 
  1. Right click in the text field
  2. Select "Insert Unicode control character"
  3. Pick "US Unit Separator (Segment separator)"

Type a new dimension into the Text box and click OK. 


In the image below these walls are either 8'-0" apart or 1'-6" apart. You don't know, because of my awesome Revit trickery.

Follow the same steps and put a space in instead to clear the dimension altogether.

I realize that this may be perceived as pure EVIL in the Revit world.... and well, because it is.

The Evil Santa Cows says "Moooo, Haha, ha!" 
Merry Christmas!


Erik said...

Now I have to ban your blog at the office...AGAIN. ;)

I mean seriously, what's the point in being an Evil Genius if your not EVIL?

SpunkyMom said...

Who's side are you on anyway... This will be a tip that I keep to myself and not share with another living sole!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

When I tried to right click in the rtext box there is no option available - is there something I'm doing wrong?

Erik said...

Hooray! Good triumphs over Evil!

S said...

Thanks, handy when you are inserting metric families to a imperial drawing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I needed thanks to your awesome Revit Trickery!

Anonymous said...