Thursday, May 24, 2007

Autodesk Announces IFC 2x3 Certification for Revit Architecture and AutoCAD Architecture

If this BIM thing is ever going to take off, we will need to be able to share all the great BIM data we have made or collected with others. That's where Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) come in. It's a common language that BIM ready software should be able to interpret. So maybe the general contractor can plug in his estimating software for time and expenses, or the owner can plug BIM data into his facilities management software, or the building engineer can have access to maintenance and infrastructure data in their software. Neato.

We must be on our way, because Autodesk announced this morning that Revit Architecture and AutoCAD Architecture programs have been Certified for IFC 2x3.That is the latest release of the IFC format, which continues to evolve. to find out more about IFCs check out the International Alliance for Interoperability's web site.

Funny thing though, there was no mention of Revit MEP or Revit Structure. Maybe I should call someone? I'm sure it was an over site.

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