Thursday, September 20, 2007

Service Pack 1 out for AutoCAD MEP... At Last!

Yeah the headline says it all. Here is where you can down load the service pack, and here's the low down directly from the readme file on what should be all better now. Let's hope we are all smiles tomorrow.

· Devices and Panels with an model representation will be detected by Interference Detection if they collide with other MEP objects.
· The system filter for the Circuits property during WireAdd will update correctly.
· The connection a wire with a circuit assigned has with a device will be maintained after using the Publish command.

· CER: Changing the connection types on a duct fitting to a flanged connection type no longer causes a fatal error.
· Flanges are now displayed on duct fittings within a model view, when the flange values are specified on the duct fittings.
· Duct fittings endcap snaps to the open end of vertical or sloped duct segments properly.

· Pipe segments copied from one pipe run to another pipe run will align properly to the new pipe run.
· Using AecConvertto3dSolid command will convert pipe fittings more successfully to 3d Solids.
· Auto-Routing pipe between two pipe connectors with an elbow using custom sizing will add the needed angle to the part to resolve the connection in the current drawing.
· When a single line pipe is being crossed multiple times by another AutoCAD MEP object at a different elevation, the hidden line gap is properly applied to the pipe.

· Plumbing Lines and Plumbing Fittings will continue to obey Annotation Scale after changing the drawing units and cancel the Drawing Setup dialog.

· CER: Performing a Fillet or Join on schematic lines with schematic symbols anchored to them no longer causes a fatal error.

· Etransmit will no longer enter an infinite loop of prompting to save the drawing.
· CER: Grip editing the location of MEP objects with various setting combinations of Object Snaps, Snap, Ortho, Polar, Dynamic UCS and Dynamic Input settings will no longer cause a fatal error.
· CER: Erasing an inline MvPart will no longer cause a fatal error.
· CER: The adding of automatic properties to a Property Set Definition that is generated automatically when objects are added to the drawing will no longer cause a fatal error.
· Switching to the Extended Data tab in the Properties Palette with AutoCAD objects selected will no longer cause Resource Manager errors.
· CER: Part Catalogs containing the “’” symbol will no longer cause a fatal error during Catalogtest.
· CER: Saving of concurrently open drawing which contain annotative dimensions no longer cause a fatal error within Content Builder.
· CER: Parametric parts which produce an invalid solid will no longer cause a fatal error. Instead the erroneous solid will not be displayed

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