Sunday, November 25, 2007

IFC-BIM Exchange Forum

Looks like the IAI has created a forum dedicated to helping people getting questions about IFC exchange answered. Check the forum out here. Here is the low down from the site.

The purpose of this Forum is to bring together project team members to share their experiences exchanging Industry Foundation Class (IFC) formatted files between different software packages. Discussions of BIM-related exchanges, such as CIS/2, are also welcome.

Membership is open to the international capital facilities communities including owners, architects, engineers, designers, analysts, detailers, fabricators, and anyone involved in the construction supply chain.

Those joining from the United States are encouraged to participate in the definition of the U.S. implementation of IFC through the National Building Information Model Standards (NBIMS) effort. Information about NBIMS may be found at the website:

Cost Membership in this Forum is currently free. Once this Forum is operational it is expected that active users will assist in moderating the posts.

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