Monday, June 30, 2008

Revit MEP 2009 Web Update

I guess this happened earlier, but I thought I would pass it on. Down load here.

Here what it does from the read me.
 Improves performance when modifying customer visibility settings for linked files, when many volumes
exist that are bound by the linked file.
 Improves stability when exporting complex views to AutoCAD DWG format, when the hidden lines in
those views have a large gap width.
 United Kingdom content is now included in the English installer.
 Improves stability when editing a family in the System Editor.
 Improves stability when upgrading previous release files that contain certain schedule configurations.
 IES light fixture information exported to the IES now contains correct direction
 Improves performance when opening views with multiple unconnected systems.
 1 and 2 pole panels can now be assigned to 3 Phase Distribution Systems.
 Wires in a view no longer impact the display of color fills.
 Wires are no longer trimmed according to the extents of the light source geometry.
 Light fixture preview images do not include the light source geometry.
 Improves the plotting consistency of certain components that are placed over hatched elements in
coordination and architectural discipline views.
 Improves consistency of panel schedule column sizes when panel name is changed.
 Duct and pipe accessories can now change types without disconnecting from duct and pipe segments.
 Rooms will now export Revit internal parameters for IFC.
 When rendering, the progress bar reports correct percent complete.
 “Intensity” on Decal Types dialog was changed to “Brightness” to match Help documentation.
 Spot elevation with Display Elevation = Top & Bottom Elevation will now report the correct bottom
elevation for sloped elements.
 In plan view with medium or fine detail level, spot elevations now report the correct top or bottom
elevation of a beam that is joined to a column.
 Improves stability when changing the visibility of a link in a view template.
 “Downlight – Spot” light family no longer has duplicate Tilt Angle parameter.
 Lights that were in a light group that was deleted are no longer controlled by the deleted light group;
instead they are controlled by the Ungrouped Lights status.
 Improves the ability to enter custom DPI value in the Render dialog.
 Improves stability when exporting to CAD formats.
 Improves stability when closing SteeringWheels.
 Improves stability when adding elements to a group.
 Families that contain arrayed voids will now function properly in the project.
 Improves stability for users with non-English operating systems when using the Open/Save dialog.
 Notes created in Revit for a DWF markup object will now propagate to the DWF after selecting publish.
 Enabling daylight portals will now affect the rendered appearance.
 Spotting on interior renderings with many internal light sources no longer occurs.
 Improves appearance of decals using cut-outs.
 Corrects “Unable to Start” error when starting the application.
 Model lines now remain in the correct design option when split.
 For sweeps on an arc wall, you now have the option to change sweep returns.
Revit® MEP 2009 Web Update Enhancement List
 Improves the fidelity of printing and exporting of hidden lines shown in structural and MEP views.

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