Thursday, July 17, 2008

Revit MEP HVAC Plans Ceiling Plan or Floor Plan?

If you are using Revit MEP, you might be thinking about your HVAC plans and wondering should you use a floor plan (which looks down and excludes the ceiling grid) or a Ceiling plan (which looks up and seems to invert which duct is actually on top when duct cross).

Here is what I have come up with so far.

I use both.

I model in the ceiling plan view because I need the ceiling grid to place my diffusers and miss the lights fixtures. Then I annotate in the floor plan view which I place on the sheet. There I have the correct orientation of duct.

I never print the ceiling grid. This comes from having AutoCAD drawings in which my ceiling grid and the architects often were different. I guess that is not such a problem with Revit, but I have become accustom to not printing it. In AutoCAD I would make it no plot, so I can reference it. Modeling in the ceiling plan view handles that.

Every firm is different, but this way is an idea. Post a comment to let me know what you do.

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Ab said...

We do not print our ceiling grid lines either, but need them to place our diffusers correctly. Only the Arch's print them off.