Friday, June 26, 2009

e0434f4dh Exception at 7c812aebh - Crash AutoCAD MEP

Me: "Knock Knock, You say who's there?"

You: "Uh.. Who's there?"

Me: "Control Freak, You say control freak who?"

Yeah, I can' help myself. I want to lock everything down. You know, for every one's own good, but also because I like it my way. I ran into a bit of a downer with AutoCAD MEP 2010 because of my controlling nature. I placed the enterprise cuix menu on a read only drive. Turns out there is a bug in this version which means if you attempt to do just about anything with a read only enterprise cui the program will just crash with the error shown in the title of the article. Funny thing is, this did not happen to all of my users. However, moving the enterprise back to a read/write location folder did fix all of my problems. I chose to just access the cuix in the docs and settings folder of each user because if they do jack something up, they will only hurt themselves.

I have to go breath in a paper bag for a bit now and learn to let go.

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