Friday, September 25, 2009

Wake Up Revit

Maybe it is common knowledge, but for those of you looking for tricks when Revit goes unresponsive, I have something that has worked for me.

Folks have been talking about minimizing Revit to free up virtual memory. Others are saying nothing really happens. For me I have noticed that if Revit gives me a 'Memory Low or Out of memory' error and it seems to be unresponsive, minimizing the Revit application then immediately bringing it back up seems to wake Revit up long enough to save to local and get out. After you are out you can restart Revit and sync back with central. Restarting Revit should clear up the immediate memory problems allow the save to central to work. This has worked for me even when the drawing area of my Revit screen is unresponsive. I just click the "X" in the upper right hand corner to close Revit. It will ask if you want to save.

It doesn't make Revit any more stable but, it might save your work when things go bad.

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