Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking up the Group

Revit groups are cool and really effective for lots of things. I have noticed that when I get architectural models with excessive grouping that they bog down my MEP models. I try to keep the my linked architectural model as clean as possible and one thing that seem to help is breaking up groups. This could be a pain, but we have found a relatively easy way to do it.

Open the architectural model and expand groups in the project browser. Select a group and right click, then pick Select All Instances.

Notice in the Status bar how many groups are selected.
In the Options bar select Ungroup.

If you have selected a nested group, you will get a warning that the subgroups will also be ungrouped. Bonus.
That's it. Even with a ton of groups this process goes pretty darn quick. Finish up by Purging Unused. This will remove the groups from the project browser.

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