Monday, July 26, 2010

Revit Parameters - AUGIWorld Article

I have an article in the current issue of AUGIWorld. Check out page 20 for how you can assign MEP scheduled parameters to items placed in the architectural model.

The initial reviews are out and, my dad says " You have topped yourself son. I have always known you are a dork, but this one makes you the king of the dorks."

Love you Dad!


Antony McPhee said...

Utilising each other’s content is a smart way forward, and perhaps the future.
We have already been asked by one of our consultants to use their MEP content in our Architectural model.

I am currently revamping our office shared parameters. To try and manage the large number of parameter names I am toying with adding prefix or suffixes. But I am only considering how that will work best within our office.

Do you have any suggestion about naming parameters so they are useful across different disciplines?

Daniel Cohen said...

Do you have any contact information, I tried e-mailing you regarding the article and it bounced back, please post your e-mail address.

Thank you,


Todd M Shackelford said...

For those of you trying to contact me on this article. I apologize. My last two articles with AUGIWorld have used an old bio. Please post a comment here or email me at