Thursday, January 06, 2011

Revit Palettes - The Family Browser from Kiwi Codes Solutions

A friend passed this on to me and I am passing it out to all of you. The folks at Kiwi Codes Solutions have developed a Family Browser that looks and acts like an AutoCAD palette inside of Revit products.

They are actively working on a new version which should be released early this year.  They posted a preview of some of the features that you can watch in this video.

There is a lot of promise in this to make our lives a lot more productive. They are selling the add in on a subscription model. $35 a year for a single license or $250 a year for a single site license. Honestly, it looks like you could easily make that money back in a month.

For more information, check out their website .


Anonymous said...

I looked at this about 5 months ago with some interest. I think before I buy it for our office, I will need to get our revit families library in good order. I'd recommend anyone who's interested in it, to download the trial and give it a good run. You'll probably find, as I have, that your revit libraries need a good clean up!

Unknown said...


I have jsut stumbled upon this post just now. Thanks for the Plug. I can now advise that we have made public a new version of Family Browser. All the info can be found on our blog at

Phillip Miller
Kiwi Codes Solutions Ltd

Andrew Crawshaw said...

I've been using this add on for over 6 months now, it's brilliant + yes my libraries have had a great deal of house cleaning done on them since this little beauty was installed. I would say this one app is better than the entire 2011-2012 upgrade.