Saturday, September 24, 2011

Filtering Out Colored Duct for Architects

In Revit MEP 2012 the use of systems for duct and pipe gives color to those entities. Nice for us. Getting that visual indication makes a huge difference in being able to differentiate supply, return, exhaust, and cold, cold water recirc, and vent. I found out the other day, architects aren't so keen on it. They have been getting around previous methods of us color coding things, but the use of systems might catch a few off guard. When at a loss on how to handle the colorful MEP model one of our clients called on Joe Eichenseer at IMAGINiT for help.

Joe slam dunked it will a filter for the architect.

Then changing the color and line weight when applied.

Another satisfied customer. Thanks Joe!

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Thanks for sharing this post.i like him very much.