Sunday, January 01, 2012

Using Character Map in Text and Tags

If you were not aware that you can use special characters in Revit to add things like a diameter symbol to text, check out my previous post. In that post I showed how to figure out the key-in required to produce certain symbols just by typing them into the text string. in this post, I'll show how to leverage the many special characters that do not have a key in but existing in the font.

Revit MEP supports oval duct, but the symbol in tags my firm has used since hand drafting is the Greek letter PHI. Unfortunately there is no key in for the PHI character. I can however, use the "Select" and "Copy" buttons to copy the character to the clipboard and paste it directly into a text string.

In this case, the symbol legend.

It can also be pasted directly in a label for a tag as a suffix.

Happy New Year!


Gabe Cottam said...

And for your flat oval duct example, it could also be pasted into the "Oval Duct Size Suffix" parameter under the "Duct Settings" heading in the "Mechanical Settings" dialog box.

Todd M Shackelford said...

Well played Gabe... Well played indeed!