Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revit MEP Answers

IMANGINiT has offered to help answer some pressing Revit MEP questions for the readers of CAD Shack live from Autodesk University. I jumped at the chance to have some one else do the heavy lifting on a post and asked for my good friend and personal hero Joe Eichenseer to do the honors. Well, Joe was others-wise booked so Sherry Pittman came to the rescue.

Sherry Pittman, has some really cool things going for her, but my favorite by far is her email address because it starts with "spittman". Aweeeesome!

The questions Sherry answers in this video post are;

  1. What is your favorite tool or process in Revit?
  2. How do you handle ceiling mounted families on a sloped ceiling that want to use an nested annotation family for plan views?
  3. Can you create a schedule of objects by floor or level in a multiple story building?
  4. Can you talk about the differences between and uses for Rooms vs. Spaces?
Thanks to Graham Cracker, Seymour Butts, Amanda Hugenkiss, and Michael Bolton for their great questions. (I changed their names for privacy, except Michael Bolton of course.)

See the video below for Sherry's accurate, articulate, and concise answers to all your problems.

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