Monday, January 14, 2013

AUGIWorld January Issue Hits the Street!

I am alittle late making this important announcement but here it is.....    
In the January 2013 AUGIWorld...
Plumb It, Don't Plummet My personal friend,  A Revit rock star and and guitar genuis, ladies and gentlemen put on your OSHA approved hearing protection for the God of plumbing Thunder.... Dave Benscoter!  Yeah, Dave presents an option for creating plumbing systems in Revit MEP in a multi-model workflow process without disrupting that process between the architect and the plumbing engineer/designer.               
Myth Buster: Revit & IFC, Part 2 – An article in the September 2012 issue led to a lot of feedback and the need for a sequel, so Martijn de Riet revisits IFC handling with Revit.
BIM and Civil 3D – Fact or Fiction? – Andrew Walther sheds light on how AutoCAD Civil 3D software relates to BIM.

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