Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Revit Shortcuts for Old People

I'm older than I used to be. A long time ago, I used AutoCAD and maintained a quick speed, thanks in large part to custom key-ins. Most of my AutoCAD key-ins were just a single letter, which Revit is not %100 thrilled with. Revit will play ball with a single letter key-in if you delete every other key-in that starts with that same letter. 

So, here are the key-ins I created for myself that maybe no one else will ever care about, and the classic AutoCAD commands they remind me of.

A    Align 
B    Split Element (Break)
C    Copy (Copy)
D    Duct
E    Delete (Erase)
F    Trim/Extend (Fillet)
G    Group
H    Filled Region (Boundary Hatch)
I     Link Revit (Insert)
KS   Keyboard Shortcuts
L     Detail Line (Line)
M    Mirror (Mirror)
O    Offset (Offset)
P     Pipe
Q     Synchronize (Quick Save)
RC   Revision Cloud
RP   Reference Plane
T     Trim/Extend (Trim)
X     Ungroup (Explode... yeah, I know)

Do yourself a favor though, type KS, and customize your own key-ins.


Unknown said...

You are not so old Todd. I did this years ago with the shortcuts. I made my Revit match my ACAD since I use both at the same time all day.

Franja said...

I use two of same letter for some commands:

qq block count
rr refresh
tt trim
f fillet, and so on... I have in an excel spreadsheet over 100...

Thank you