Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hide Unused Sections, Callouts, and Elevations

When annotating sheets I often have to deal with more than enough callouts, sections, and elevations that have not been placed on sheets. They clutter the drawing and distract me.

To clear things up, a not so intuitive filter can be made. It employs quite a bit of double negative mentality, but does the job.

First create a new filter. In Visibility Graphics, go to the Filters tab and choose Edit/New....

In the lower left corner of the dialog select the icon that looks like a sheet of paper with a tiny Sun at the upper right. Name your filter something like "Hide Unused Sections and Callouts".

Under Categories select Callouts, Elevations, and Sections. Then Filter by Sheet Number. Make the rule "does not contain" then leave the next box blank.

This filter will find every callout, elevation and section that does not have a sheet number assigned to it. The ones that have not been placed on sheets.

Back on the Filters tab add the newly created filter and uncheck the visibility box.

Now no unused callouts, elevations or sections will be visible in your view. That's better. Get back to work.

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