Monday, August 07, 2006

A Simple Plan to Implement ABS

If you are implementing ABS in your office there are certain things you have to do, some things you should do, and some things that are simply optional. This time around, I'll ty and size up the task in front of you.


Color Tables

Decide right away if you are going to use an STB or a CTB. If using a CTB, now is the time to consider if your current CTB makes sense. Here's a hint eighter way. Revit Has 13 Line wieghts, for you to have more at this point may make things more difficult in the future.

Layer Standards
Are you going to go AIA? Again you need to consider how what you are doing now will fit into ABS Layer Keys.

Device Styles
Chances are you won't have all the device styles you need or you won't like the out of the box symbology. See my previous post on creating device styles.

Parametric and Block Based parts will have to be created or modified for certain jobs, so you better be able to do it.

Title Blocks
Project Navigator
Display Configurations
and Property Set Definitions

Now what did I leave out? Plenty, but here is your start. I'll be adding more based off your feedback. Good luck if you are heading down this road, and don't be affraid to ask for help. Your reseller istanding by.

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