Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Electrical Arc Video

Obviously we are into engineering. I came from Structural and ended up in Electrical. Today I saw a video of and incident of an electrical arc that was gigantic, so I went to see if it was on You Tube. Yup, it is. Check it out the fun part of engineering for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Actually, while this is a pretty amazing "Arc" video, it is NOT an "arc flash" in the current sense of the NEC efforts to control deaths and worse from arc flash. This is the result of opening a high voltage (69kV or higher) switch under load, an "Arc Flash" is the result of a high current incident in a panel or equipment, usually at lower voltages, but in close proximity to a person. Please be careful how you "speak".

Todd M. Shackelford said...

Thank you for your insight Rich.
I was actually attending a class on Arc Flash where this video was played, so I made an assumption. I appreciate your correcting me, and thanks for visiting my site.