Thursday, December 24, 2009

Add Structural Steel with Revit MEP

Not all Revit is equal. You know this if you have tried adding a ceiling grid with Revit Structure, duct with Revit Architecture, or structural steel with Revit MEP. You can load the families, but try and create an instance and you will get an error telling you "Can't create this kind of element in this view in the current mode".

This week I needed to create some structure from the structural engineers AutoCAD plans since they were not using Revit. The way I got around the above mentioned error was to open a structural model I received from a different engineer on a different job. I copied one structural beam to the clipboard and pasted it into the job where I needed beams. It shows up fine in my drawing and I can change its length, offset and location. I can then change its size with the type selector. I had all the beam sizes because I down loaded the Core Structural Library from Autodesk.

For what I needed, this worked out pretty well.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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