Monday, January 04, 2010

Titus Terminal Units vs. idunno Everybody Else

Those Titus guys have upped the ante by making their content available through an add on menu. This will make it easy on users, because Titus is promising to update things automatically, but it also gives Titus the opportunity to pigeon hole themselves into your Revit Interface. So far all they have posted are terminal units. You can down load the the setup here. The add-in launches an interface to download what you want like shopping in the iTunes store. Maybe too much like iTunes. It needs a work around to uninstall and I just don't like them muscling into my interface. I will not have room for every manufacturer's menu on my screen.

Autodesk Seek has some McQuay products, but no terminal units yet. I have already made my own without too much trouble and will probably stick with them. Depending on how your firm schedules, making your own might be best for you or Titus' may be great. In the end as a consulting engineer, I really don't want to spec anything by default.

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