Thursday, December 17, 2009

Disrectful Column Lines

Problem; You have created an enlarged view in Revit MEP and the linked architectural column lines shoot off into outer space instead of respecting the new smaller crop region.

Analysis; This is probably due to the architect locking down the column lines for use on thier plans.

Solution; In the linked file select the offending column line and right click on it. If it is available select "Reset to Crop", if not select "Reset to 3D Extents". Chances are, your problem is solved.
To test it, move the crop region and see if the column bubbles follow.

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Anonymous said...

great workaround, seriously...but, why do we need to do this??? I feel like there's going to be a glut of Revit projects going out that look like hell...oh well, it's the future.