Thursday, June 10, 2010

CAD Works Content Browser

I'm grumpy because I want a Bell and Gossett Revit family quick and I do not want to install CAD Works Revit add on to get it. This may mean that I am old and set in my ways, and I should just get over the fact that I need to install CAD Works Content Browser to get this family. As a BIM manager, I don't want one extra thing to administrate or trouble shoot. I think the guys at CAD Works do great work and I hope the family I eventually get will be fine, but the extra step and required connection to CAD Works irritates me.

Update: See what CAD Works had to say by clicking here.


Gabe Cottam said...

I won't let my modelers use B&G families for this very reason.

Mike said...

I came across the same thing today...irritating for sure. Does autodesk approve of these types of content browsers? I'm just wary of doing anything that could hurt performance or cause corruption issues being the fairly unstable program that it already is.