Thursday, June 03, 2010

One Wish

Yesterday I was asked to come up with one wish for Revit MEP. 

It turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be. At first I wanted real interoperability. I wanted to use phones and web browsers to acquire and sort BIM data directly from Revit models. Later, I thought maybe I should just ask for the ability to duplicate sheets. This would certain be helpful knowing that I use the same floor plan for HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power, fire alarm, and telecommunications sheets.

Funny thing is, I'm still not sure that would be the very best thing I could wish for. Now I wonder... If your wish would come true, what would your one wish be for eigher AutoCAD MEP or Revit MEP?

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Todd Behning said...

I would like mechanical/plumbing in Revit MEP to have the same connection philosophy as Revit Structure using and analytical models. The analytical model is used for calculation and sizing and the physical model would be used for 3D representation and documentaion. The benefits of this is if the duct/pipe becomes disconnected it will not break the system. Just like a structural model, the beams and columns do not have to be connected to run structural analisys.

Thanks for letting be bend your ear.

Todd Behning
Merrick and Company