Monday, February 13, 2012

So you Deleted the Central File...

It happens so often that I wrote down what to do.
In the case where the central file has been accidentally upgraded or some other equally bad thing has happened to the central file, a local file can be used to create a new central file. Find a person on the project that has not synced with central and has a very recent version for a local file that can be turned into the new central file. The user with the good local file must;
  1. Open the local file directly remembering to detach from central on open. 
  2. 'Save As' overwriting the bad central.
  3. Open Options in the Save As dialog to ensure the "Make Central after save" is checked.
  4. All users must create new locals to continue working on this project.
Not so bad, considering the alternative.

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Anonymous said...

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