Sunday, March 04, 2012

Preset Sub Catagories

I like to use sub disciplines to sort by in the Project Browser. It is easy to define M, E,P, and even T disciplines, whatever. What is not so great is when users get creative with their sub discipline naming and things don't end up matching creating a mess in the  Project Browser .  A nice way to pre-load your standard sub discipline naming convention is to create view templates in your template and assign the sub discipline names in them. Because they are in the view templates, they will show in the drop down list of sub disciplines even if they have not been used in a view yet. Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

It's worth pointing out that the inverse is true as well (which is how I discovered this). If you're trying to tidy up and get rid of all those unwanted sub-disciplines, but they still won't disappear even after all views have been properly updated, check to see if there's a template holding onto one of the errant sub-disciplines.